Light face wall system. The MC-Wall consists of vertical poles on horizontal bars connected together with spindles made from stainless steel.

A system used to design modern curtain walls whose shapes are simple and complex. The system is a basis for facade structures: MC PASSIVE, MC PASSIVE+, MC GLASS and MC FIRE (a solution for fire protection). The MC WALL system offers many possibilities of creating the installation. The system offers structures to be opened on the facade: parallel windows (MC PW) and roof windows (MC RW).

Mullion-transom visual width: 55 mm.


Cross section

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Cross section

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Cross section

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Cross section

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The curtain wall in the MC-Wall system consists of mullions and transoms fastened by stainless steel bolts. There are 2 x ø 6 stainless steel fasteners per joint; the fasteners ensure very high load capacity of the mullion-transom connection, both in the wind pressure plane and the infill load plane. The solution does not prevent using traditional transom brackets or fastening transoms only with screws attached from the face side.

A wide range of mullions and transoms suitable for static requirements.

The insulators can be built accordingly to the infill thickness.

Application of vapour-proof and breather membranes on the perimeter of the facade is easier, in accordance with new guidelines for installation of aluminium structures.

A wide range of decorative cover caps makes it possible to obtain varied visual effects on the curtain wall.



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