Aliver 2000 Plus

A thermally insulated system used to design canopy roofs of garden rooms, mainly single and double-pitched roofs.

The system is fully compatible with other Aliplast systems used to construct infills of winter garden walls, including non-openable glazing, lift-and-slide doors, tilt-and-slide doors, accordion doors and windows.

The system features thermal performance of -2.0 W/mK.


Cross section

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Cross section

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Technical description of the system:

  • load-bearing element of the structure located inside (below the infill), anchors fixed to a depth of 105 mm or 125 mm;
  • rafters and external masking caps available as soft (rounded) and with distinct rectangular shapes;
  • variety of gutter shapes, option to install gutter mesh guards to prevent undesired accumulation;
  • available system discharge chutes, optionally to be enclosed;
  • option to reinforce the rafter and gutter beams using aluminium or steel shaped sections;
  • the system offers articulated joints in the gutter and roof ridge beams, engineered ties, gutter and discharge chute connectors;
  • roof plane pitch 5-45°.

Aliver 2000+ is suitable for infills made of wall polycarbonate as well as glass (single, double and triple glazed).

The Aliver 2000+ system satisfies requirements relating to profile thermal insulation, rainwater and air tightness. The system also guarantees proper ventilation provided appropriate ventilation equipment is used, regardless of weather conditions.



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